<I>Putting the U Back in Curator</I> at the Kemper | KCUR

<I>Putting the U Back in Curator</I> at the Kemper

On television shows like American Idol, the audience picks the winner. A new exhibition-in-progress at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art engages museum patrons in the same way, by allowing them to choose what hangs on the walls.

Kansas City, MO – KCUR's Laura Spencer talked to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art's Acting Curator Christopher Cook who says he was inspired by the idea of the collective in the history of art: "I'm thinking of Dadaists in the early 20th century, Surrealists, and how they often not only incorporated their fellow artists, but also relied on the gallery visitor to help create the art experience."

Tuesday-Friday, May 1-4, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Selection Process: Putting the U Back in Curator

In the exhibition Putting the U Back in Curator, Museumgoers may have the opportunity to select works from the Kemper Museum's permanent collection on a first come, first served basis. Visitors may meet with Kemper Museum Acting Curator Christopher Cook and personally select from a pool of available works from the Museum's permanent collection, actively defining the content of exhibition. Once the Meeting Room gallery walls are filled, the exhibition will be on view through October 21, 2007.