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Interview with Marie Gonzalez

Kansas City, MO – A year ago, Marie Gonzalez was finishing up her senior year at Helias High School in Jefferson City and thinking about college. Now, she and her parents are packing up their house. They're about to be deported to Costa Rica, the country they left 14 years ago, as a result of over-staying their visas and living and working in the United States without government documentation.

At 19 years of age, Marie has become a national spokesperson for immigrant's rights. She's lobbied in Washington for the DREAM ACT - which would give permanent residency to undocumented college students. Last year, Latina magazine named her one of the top ten mujeres (women) of the year.
Barring an act of Congress,Marie Gonzalez and her family will be deported on July 5. Senators Jim Talent and Kit Bond have both said they will not file special legislation on her behalf.