Inmate Makes The Most Of Borrowed Time In 'When I Come To Die'

Feb 20, 2014

A prisoner on death row, for a decade, prepares to die. But, then something goes wrong on the morning that's supposed to be his last - the lethal injection is not lethal. That's the premise of the production, When I Come to Die, at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre.

Thursday on Central Standard, we talk with playwright Nathan Louis Jackson, a Kansas City, Kan. native, and director Kyle Hatley about researching the prison experience, the death penalty, and the tools of a writer.

When I Come to Die marks the second play by Jackson to be staged by the Rep. The first, Broke-ology, was a family drama about two brothers caring for an ailing father, based on Jackson's own personal experiences. Both debuted at Lincoln Center Theatre's LCT3 program in New York.


  • Nathan Louis Jackson, resident playwright at the Rep
  • Kyle Hatley, associate artistic director at the Rep