The Important Role Women Play In the Fight For A Living Wage

Mar 23, 2016

Low-wage workers nationwide are continuing their fight to raise the minimum wage and have a voice in the workplace. On this edition of Up To Date, we talk about the important role women play in the labor movement, back in the 60s and today. 


  • Krystal McLemore is a founding member of the Fannie Lou Hamer Women’s Committee, which is a Kansas City women's organization of low-wage workers. 
  • Mikela Huston is a member of the Fannie Lou Hamer Women’s Committee.
  • Rosalyn Pelles is a labor organizer who retired in 2013 after serving as Director of the Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Department of the AFL-CIO.

Fast-food and low-wage workers will host a film screening of the documentary, 'Standing on My Sisters’ Shoulders' at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 24 at the Tivoli KC Theater. The screening will be followed by a talk with Rosalyn Pelles at 8 p.m. Click here for information and to RSVP.