Implications Of Kansas Secretary Of State Race Don't Seem To Be Exciting Interest

Nov 1, 2010

Johnson County, Kansas – The race for Kansas Secretary of State has been referred to many times this election season as one of the most important races on the Kansas ticket.

That's because Kris Kobach, nationally recognized for his role in a controversial anti-immigration law in Arizona, says if he wins, he will have the Secretary's office more aggressively take on law enforcement responsibilities to respond to widespread voter fraud.

The incumbent, Democrat Chris Biggs, appointed by Governor Mark Parkinson, says voter fraud isn't a big problem. He believes it's not the job of the Secretary of State to pursue legal matters.

Laura Ziegler talked to people in 3 corners of the state about whether voters there feel the race matters to them.

Voices are from Joe Warren, editor and publisher of the Atchison Globe, Hispanic activist Eva Berraz from Garden City, Kansas, and Kevin Bottrell, editor of the Colby Free Press.