Immigration Debate Heats Up at Topeka Town Hall Meeting | KCUR

Immigration Debate Heats Up at Topeka Town Hall Meeting

Aug 15, 2013

Republican Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins held a town hall meeting in Topeka Wednesday to hear opinions from voters in eastern Kansas, and many of them had immigration on their minds. Jenkins fielded several questions and comments about immigration and the discussion became quite heated.

Renee Slinkard from Parker said the U.S. should close the borders and increase immigration enforcement.

“Our immigration system is not broke,” said Slinkard. “Our immigration system is fine.  What is broken is the enforcement of that immigration system.”

But Reverend Jason Schoff from Kansas City, Kansas, wants to see a path to legal status for some undocumented immigrants. His comments drew a strong reaction from the audience. Schoff said in Kansas, with industries like agriculture, immigrant workers are needed by some businesses.
“A lot of the jobs that they do are things that Americans are not willing to do.”

Jenkins said an immigration bill that passed the U.S. Senate likely faces little chance of passage in the House of Representatives.