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Identity Theft Charges Termed Largest In Missouri History

Feb 12, 2013

Operator of former car dealerships in Independence, Blue Springs and Illinois is jailed and charged with what the Missouri Attorney General calls the biggest identity theft case ever taken to court in Missouri.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

At least 44 alleged victims fell prey.

Attorney General Chris Koster said 25-year-old Terry Morrow created phony car loans by using personal information from customers, scamming loan companies for a million dollars.

Credit ratings for victims whose identities and social security numbers were stolen would have been jeopardized, but Koster said, “My office has been able to negotiate agreements with all four of the financing companies to remove the loans from the consumers’ credit report, so that their credit scores will not be harmed.”

Morrow operated Edge Auto Sales on U.S. Highway 40 in Blue Springs, later on U.S. Highway 24 in Independence.

Koster said anyone who did business there should check with the Attorney General’s Office to verify they were not part of the alleged fraud.

By the Attorney Generals account, Morrow was so successful he used false records to create a non-existent car dealership in Illinois and continued his alleged illegal activities.

Morrow is jailed in Illinois facing charges similar to Missouri’s.