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Hurricane Gustav Delays GOP Convention

St. Paul, MN – Hurricane Gustav blew the Republican Convention off course Monday, but Kansas City delegates say it has been an opportunity for John McCain to show leadership under adversity. Melinda Wittstock has more from St. Paul, Minnesota.

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They began with a prayer at breakfast - and a reminder from party bosses that this convention is about helping Americans in need.

ANN DICKENSON:John McCain has the wishes of the people at heart and I hope everyone will realize that and he will come out better for the whole experience

Kansas City delegate Ann Dickenson says the more muted convention is good for the McCain brand.

ANN DICKENSON: He wanted a subdued convention anyway something that was plain and more like him.

Missouri delegates could barely contain their excitement about McCain's choice of Alaska's pro-life governor Sarah Palin. Delegate Dorothy Sprouse.

DOROTHY SPROUSE: I think she's a bright articulate woman they say she doesn't have experience but she does. She's a real conservative and that appeals to me that's what we need.

Today Palin gets top honors at the National Right-to-Life Pro-Life Dinner.