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Hundreds Rally for Immigrants' Rights

Kansas City, MO – Hundreds of people gathered in Kansas City at the Liberty Memorial as part of the national Day Without Immigrants protest. KCUR's Maria Carter was there and has this report.
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The rallying cry, translated as Yes, we can! , ran through the crowd over and over again yesterday, but the demonstration in Kansas City was smaller and quieter than many other places. Organized by the recently formed group Sons and Daughters of Immigrants, the rally was held after school was out and workers had called it a day. In many other cities and towns, Latinos and immigrants were encouraged to stay home from school and work to make their economic impact felt, but organizer Jessica Ayala says Kansas City's this was intended as a day of reflection.

Jessica Ayala: We're coming together to be one with our community, to be one with our families, to struggle for peace together and for solidarity not only with Latinos but of all nationalities and Kansas Citians.

Rally organizers say the hoped to inform attendees about immigration legislation currently stalled in Congress.

Maria Carter, KCUR News.