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Hundreds Line Up For Swine Flu Vaccine

Oct 22, 2009

Kansas City, MO – Residents were so eager swine flu vaccines the lines to clinics burgeoned with hundreds of people in some locations.

The swine flu vaccine is available in limited amounts right now, but it didn't shorten the line at Platte County's Health department office in Parkville.

Dozens stood and waited and shuffled along yesterday. High risk residents have priority now, pregnant women, the young, the old and those who work in the medical field.

In Clay County at the Liberty public health cener, The Star's Glenn Rice counted hundreds of people waiting, hoping they'd qualify for one of 513 doses available. Rice writes, some 150 of the FluMist vaccines were still available at day's end Wednesday.

Platte County has another clinic scheduled for Friday The supply of vaccine is expected to increase in the next few weeks. And Platte County has an ample supply with more than 800 doses on hand after Wedesday's clinic.