How Will The Government Shutdown Impact Kansas City? | KCUR

How Will The Government Shutdown Impact Kansas City?

Oct 1, 2013

Bolling Federal Building in downtown Kansas City.
Credit Sydney Llewellyn / KCUR

The federal government of the United States has shutdown.  But, how long will the country go without money budgeted to run its government?

We stop to ask how we got to this point, and we ask what it means—especially for you and me, for the thousands of federal employees in the Kansas City area and for the millions of the rest of us. What are the prospects for a solution? We speak with several government employees just before they change their outgoing messages and lock their file cabinets, we’ll ask what they think of their unplanned time off. On top of that in a few weeks the government’s authority to borrow money to pay its bills runs out, which may lead to another crisis. And then there’s the sequester—the result of the last budget showdown—still having an impact around the metro, such as KU Medical Center. We’ll tackle those topics, too.


  • Dr. Paul Terranova from KU Medical Center
  • Dave Helling, reporter at the Kansas City Star
  • John Keating, Professor of Economics at KU