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Hope Held Out In Pond Search

Aug 30, 2010

Rural Johnson County, KS – Twenty Johnson county Sheriff's Deputies were able to get within inches of the bottom of a pair of ponds south of Leawood today. They've been searching for human remains.

A tipster last week gave a credible enough account to send deputies to a remote area near 164th and Mission Road.

It has taken days to clear space around, and build roads in to, two concrete ponds once used by a die casting firm. Each is described as being nearly an acre large. Deputy Tom Ericson calls it "hostile terrain." In Erickson's words--" what they're searching through is all the silt and debris that's built up on the bottom of these over the many years they've sat there."

Erickson says there is nothing found yet to give hope to families of missing people, keenly attuned to the search.