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History On The Highway, Servers Tell All

Jan 29, 2012

The show for January 22, 2012.  Click "Listen" to hear the entire show, see below for individual stories.

What Is That?: A Gravesite On K-7

A listener emailed asking us to find out the story behind an old gravesite on K-7 highway.  Turns out, the story reveals a key period of Kansas' pre-Civil War history.

MOCSA Director Palle Rilinger Retires

Palle Rilinger talks about her 27 years as head of the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault, and the changing face of the problem in the Kansas City area.

Servers Tell All

A recent event at the Writer's Place turned the table on restaurant patrons.  Local waiters told stories of life in the service industry, hosted by long-time server and writer David Hayden, who writes the blogs Restaurant Laughs and Tips²: Tips for Improving your Tips.  Hear a story told by Mark Manning about growing up and finding community in the restaurant business.

Soccer At The Nelson-Atkins

Major League Soccer has tried new ways in recent years to generate publicity for the SuperDraft, when college graduates and others are signed to the league. Earlier this month, the day before the SuperDraft took place here in Kansas City, MLS prospects mixed it up at a museum.

Farmers Seek Legal Protection For Agritourism

For many farmers, things like corn mazes, farm tours and U-pick operations can be an important source of income. But “agritourism,” as it’s called, can also create legal headaches. In Missouri, many farmers are backing a bill in the state legislature that aims to reduce their liability if someone gets hurt visiting the farm.