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Hip Hop MC Reach

Reach, also known as Stacy Smith, hit it big a couple of years ago, when his song Comin' for You won a nation-wide contest sponsored by Scion. He toured the country with some big name artists. But Reach continues to do most of his work here, even while collaborating with beatmakers and producers around the world.

Kansas City, MO – MC Reach's second album Corner Speech came out at the end of last year. He lives in Olathe now, but he told KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross that he spent most of his life in Kansas City.

Reach will be opening at the The Granada in Lawrence on February 9, and he's inviting some artists from other parts of the country to his first annual birthday bash at the Record Bar on February 23. Go to Reach's Myspace page for information on tour dates.

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