Hereford House Fire: Vidcam Scrutiny | KCUR

Hereford House Fire: Vidcam Scrutiny

Oct 21, 2008

Kansas City, MO – Federal and local detectives are shoveling through debris of a near-legendary Kansas City steakhouse to learn why it blew up and burned Monday. KCUR has learned investigators can be certain of one thing.

If someone entered the 20th and Main building after closing hours Sunday, agents have surveillance images. One of the Hereford House owners, Rod Anderson confirms cams hanging outside were working and visually covered exposed sides of the building. If anyone entered or left they would have been visible. Anderson says police have taken charge of the camera system and any images it recorded

Neither police, nor fire investigators nor ATF agents will suggest what caused the million dollar-plus damage explosion and fire. Anderson says he's assigning jobs elsewhere for as many of the 60 employees as he can. Hereford House turned 51 years old this month.