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Heat Advisory Issued for Kansas City Area

Jul 9, 2013

The National Weather Service says the heat index could reach as high as 108 degrees in the Kansas City area.
Credit Bev Sykes/Flickr/CC

Temperatures could hit as high as 98 degrees Tuesday with the heat index reaching 108 degrees, but those temperatures aren’t expected to last long. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for the Kansas City area.  It begins at noon and lasts until 7 p.m. Tuesday evening.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Ryan Cutter in Pleasant Hill, Mo. says a cold front will break the heat this evening and could bring thunderstorms.

“At the moment we’re not expecting a continued run of heat like we saw last year with the drought where it was just hot and dry for weeks and weeks on end," Cutter says.

The weather service recommends drinking plenty of water, avoiding prolonged exposure or strenuous physical activity and not leaving children or animals in the car.