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Healthy Hip Hop With Local Rapper Roy Scott, Inside The Studio & Documentary Of Artist Jim Leedy

Sep 4, 2012

Healthy Hip Hop With  Local Rapper Roy Scott
Most adults realize that kids turn a deaf ear to lectures about what's good for them.  That's one of the reasons ex-urban rapper Roy Scott made a series of CDs for kids--using hip hop beats to convey messages about healthy lifestyle habits.  He also started the Lend a Hand Family Foundation –a non-profit that spreads educational messages to youth. This work and his music also dovetail with his day job as an outreach specialist for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Some In Mo. Still Back Rep. Akin Despite Comments
Republican Congressman Todd Akin came under heavy criticism for comments he made about women’s bodies in cases of “legitimate rape.” Akin is in the middle of a U.S. Senate race in Missouri, and he is now feeling pressure from the GOP to withdraw. Akin apologized for his choice of words, but hasn’t announced any plans to bow out of the race. In fact, it seems some Missourians are backing him more strongly now than ever before.

A Check In On Harvesters
Nothing is more basic to human needs than food. Recent numbers suggest a slight decrease in hunger problems in the Kansas City area. However, non-profit and on-site meal services are not experiencing a decrease in demand, and these services are facing potential budget cuts. Harvesters, the local community food bank that serves a 16-county area, relies on government funding to meet their needs. Harvesters executive director Karen Haren, a well-respected advocate for those in need, speaks out on the state of Harvesters and the importance of feeding the hungry.

Hannibal, Mo.: Art Abounds In Twain’s Hometown
Samuel Clemens, the man behind the famous pen name “Mark Twain” grew up in the river town of Hannibal, MO.  It was there Clemens drew inspiration for such works as “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” Now, more than 125 years after that book’s publication, there is a new set of characters in Twain’s boyhood home.

Jim Leedy: The Documentary

In the 1980s, The Crossroads was a blighted area in downtown Kansas City, complete with abandoned warehouses. And then The Crossroads became “Leedyville,” a nod to artist Jim Leedy. It was Leedy who encouraged other artists to set up studios in the area to create what is now a thriving art district. He also encouraged business owners to move in and revamp the area. On Friday, “Leedy: The Documentary” debuted at the Screenland Crossroads.

Inside Jim Leedy’s  Art Studio
Central Standard host Jubulani Leffall met up with artist Jim Leedy to see some of his newest paintings and ceramic sculptures. Leffall learned that Leedy’s relationship with materials is best described as a collaboration.

My Farm Roots: Too Deep To Get Washed Away
Harvest Public Media started a series called “My Farm Roots.” These are Americans’ stories and memories of rural life. This week, Barb and Lynn Handy share their story of farming their land along the banks of the Missouri River in Percival, Iowa.  The couple has lived there together since they were married 52 years ago.