Health Director Gives Swine Flu Status Report | KCUR

Health Director Gives Swine Flu Status Report

Apr 30, 2009

Kansas City, MO – The Kansas City Public Safety and Neighborhoods committee heard a report from the Health Department on the city's preparedness for a possible swine flu outbreak Wednesday.

Dr. Rex Archer emphasized that the virus that appears to have showed up in the Kansas City area Wednesday is new and may still be mutating, so no one knows if it is as potent as the one that has caused a large number of deaths in Mexico.

But if an epidemic develops, he says the city is well-prepared, and offers this status report:

"We've prepared information for 311 and also have 211 on board now to be able to answer calls from the public. Our web sites are being kept up to date. Our system is in place so even in the evening or over the weekend we can send out broadcast facts and e-mails to about a thousand physicians."

Archer says families, like cities, need their pandemic plans... for example, who will take care of children if the schools close.