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Harmonious Council Picks a Fight

Aug 5, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In a productive afternoon Thursday, Kansas City, Missouri's new mayor and city council continued to replace discord at City Hall with harmony and cooperation.

The council efficiently passed its docket of resolutions and ordinances, including one that Councilman Michael Brooks says will honor retirement program promises made to a remaining 22 or so MAST ambulance employees. Brooks said the council hoped to finally "put to bed" the matter of promises made to the MAST employees when they became officially employed by the city.

And unlike long disputes over appointments in the past, the council introduced and passed a resolution confirming Mayor James's TIF commission appointees the day after he announced them.

Council members did pick a fight - but not among themselves. Seven Members, including the mayor introduced a resolution to not let an initiative measure prohibiting production of nuclear weapons components at a new plant in South Kansas City go to the voters... saying even if it passes it is unconstitutional.