Gusting Winds Cause Difficulties For Drivers | KCUR

Gusting Winds Cause Difficulties For Drivers

Dec 20, 2012

Wind speed was one of the chief concerns Thursday morning as the first real snow of the season pummeled parts of the region.

Skills behind the wheel can take a long holiday, slipping out of the driving repertoire until the first wintry mix hits. 

Meteorologist Evan Bookbinder was foreseeing hard driving in blinding, blowing snow long before it developed.

“Obviously we had no winter last year," says Bookbinder. "It’s been a long time  since we’ve seen much of ANY snow, for that matter and with the wind around, the visibilities could be pretty low if not down near zero, come the morning commute.”

Bookbinder says it may be hard to measure snowfall since so much of it will blow away leaving bare ground in spots, drifts from 6 to 8 inches in others.