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Grandparents Take Over Parenting Role

Feb 9, 2009

When parents devote 18 or more years to child-rearing, they often look forward to getting back to goals, dreams and hobbies that they had put aside. But some grandparents get thrust back into the parenting role, and have to put those things aside. Throughout the country, there are over 5.7 million children being raised by their grandparents - one of the most famous just became president.

In the Kansas City area, there are over 16,000 grandparent caregivers; in Jackson County, most tend to be female, and many live in poverty. But there is some support. Family Friends Grandparents and Relative Caregivers is a program organized by Children's Mercy Hospital that helps grandparents face the challenges of raising grandchildren.

KC Currents' Susan Wilson recently visited with Johnnie Jolly, Rosadie Henry, Mary Campbell, Joann Stovall, and a woman who prefers to go by Ms. Jones, to chat about their experience and how the group has helped.

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