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Governor Decries Gas Tax Cut: Who'd Notice It

Overland Park, Ks – Efficient use of energy is one of the most formidable challenges facing state governments. That's the essence of a meeting of Midwestern governors in Overland Park. Kansas' chief executive has little use for the proposal to suspend gasoline taxes this summer.

KCUR's Dan Verbeck reports that Governor Kathleen Sebelius doubts a suspension would help the consumer, but it would certainly hurt highway improvement. In her words, "It's unclear whether the consumer would know or not that the tax had been wiped. It would have a huge impact on our infrastructure because we would be losing, potentially, billions of dollars that we need to build roads and infrastructure, but, I'm not sure would consumers would know about it."

And the governor says, to call a short term gas tax suspension a 'comprehensive energy policy' is a fallacy.