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GOP Expands Majority in Missouri General Assembly

Nov 3, 2010

Jefferson City, MO – The Republican majority in the Missouri General Assembly has grown larger, particularly in the (Missouri) House. St. Louis Public Radio's Marshall Griffin reports.

Republicans picked up 17 seats in the State House, beating ten incumbents and winning seven open seats held by departing Democrats. That means they'll now hold 106 seats to the Democrats' 57. The new GOP caucus has also elected new leaders, choosing Steven Tilley of Perryville as the next Speaker of the House.

"The voters in Missouri sent a very, very strong message, and they want a government that's accountable," says Tilley. "They want one that lives within its means, that holds the line on taxes, that encourages economic development so that anyone that wants a job can find one."

The GOP also picked up three seats in the Missouri Senate.