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GOP Convention Bid Backers Fave Kansas City

Aug 22, 2013

Chief organizer of the Kansas City bid to land the 2016 GOP National Convention has told the Young Republicans Club, prospects are bright.

Director of K.C.s bid for the 2016 GOP Convention Cathy Nugent has told young partisans prospects look very good.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Lack of a 1,000 room convention hotel is being discounted as a negative factor. Backers of the convention trade have complained for years that Kansas City doesn’t have a giant hotel.

Las Vegas as competitor?  Not much chance, said Greater Kansas City Young Republicans President Fred Buckley.  Not  a “sin City” for the Grand Old Party.

There are worthier cities to consider— “Phoenix, New Orleans, Salt Lake City are the other competition. I’m really hopeful with Kansas City. I think it’s great that we have actually a bipartisan effort . Republicans and Democrats are both on board on this.”

It’s the economic benefit to the entire region that convention supporters say is a selling point.  

Conventioneers would get two states for the price of one. Organizer Cathy Nugent has added up benefits and says it’s “about $250 million. And that’s a very conservative effort. Tampa just released their economic impact last week and they had about $404 million as the bottom line, economic impact to their region.”

Nugent dismisses hotel space. There might not be a 1,000 room hotel, but many thousands more than are needed are available close by.

She also discounts fears there is not enough transportation to and from the Sprint Center which would house a convention.