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George The First: A Presidential Study In Contrasts

Jul 11, 2012

As a one-term president, George H. W. Bush stands as an anomaly.

He easily won the war against Iraq, Operation Desert Storm, but the victory failed to secure his re-election. After promising the American public, "read my lips, no new taxes," he signed a bill that did, in fact, raise taxes. Even other successes, such as improved relations with Russia and a strengthened economy, didn't do him any favors in the 1992 election.

Thursday on Up to Date, Professor John Robert Greene is in-studio to talk about his new study of the George H. W. Bush presidency. Join the conversation with your own questions about Bush the First, as Professor Greene covers the Clarence Thomas scandal, the Panama conflict, and other policies that changed the shape of foreign and domestic politics.

John Robert (“Bob”) Greene has taught at Cazenovia College for the past thirty-two years. He also serves as the College Archivist, the director of the Washburn Teaching and Research Fellowships, and the director of the annual Wheler Conference on World Affairs. Dr. Greene’s teaching and writing specialty lies in American Political History, particularly the American presidency. He has written or edited seventeen books, many of which have utilized Cazenovia College students as research assistants, and several of which have featured the published writings of those students. In 1993 he was named Distinguished Faculty Member, and in 2000 he was awarded Cazenovia College's first endowed chair.