The Future Is Uncertain For College Games At Arrowhead

Oct 18, 2013

Northwest Missouri State plays Pitt State at Arrowhead stadium in 2012.
Credit Darren Whitley / Northwest Missouri State

The second of two college football games at Arrowhead Stadium this season takes place Saturday. Northwest Missouri and Pittsburg State, two powerhouse NCAA Division II teams with undefeated records, will meet head-to-head. But the future is uncertain for this and other major college games being played at Arrowhead.

There have been no major college games at Arrowhead the last three seasons. That’s since the University of Missouri announced it would be departing for the Southeastern Conference and the University Kansas announced they would refuse to play Mizzou.

The site for next year’s game between Pittsburg State and Northwest Missouri is undetermined.

Chiefs president Mark Donovan says it isn’t for lack of effort.

“I would categorize all those discussions as very positive, very productive and our hope from the Chiefs standpoint and from Arrowhead is that we’ve got great college football here every year,” says Donovan. 

The game between Pittsburg State and Northwest Missouri has come to be known as the Fall Classic, followed by a Roman numeral in Super Bowl style. This year at Arrowhead marks Fall Classic XII. 

The two teams have combined for five national championships in NCAA Division II football, most recently two years ago by the Pittsburg State Gorillas.

Kickoff is at 3 p.m. Saturday, October 19.