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Funkhouser, Hermann Butt Heads on TIF Audit

Jul 22, 2010

Having two mayoral candidates on one influential committee triggered late July fireworks at City Hall Wednesday.

The conflict was over a resolution introduced by Deb Hermann to have city staff set guidelines for an audit of the TIF Commission. She said the mayor 's plan to give the responsibility to the commission ignored the city charter and the council.

The mayor it was perfectly in line with the charter.

Herman responded that this sounded like a revival of a Funkhouser campaign theme of three years ago, adding, "I have seen little if anything come from you to repair TIF. No'"

Funkhouser commented, "Deb, there's plenty of time for you and I to campaign against each other later, but I can't let that last charge sort-of sit there."

Hermann denied that it was a "charge." "It was an observation,:she said.

Funkhouser reiterated that as far as he was concerned it was a charge.

The committee did not vote on who will design or perform the audit. Hermann referred the mater of procedures to the city attorney, and said she may then send it to a committee neither she nor Funkhouser are on.