Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld On Known And Unknown

Feb 28, 2012

Donald Rumsfeld has served as both the youngest and oldest Secretary of Defense.  While many may not remember much of his first stint at the post, his second go at the job, for better or worse, secured his place in history.

PROGRAM NOTE: The first audio file above contains the program as aired on 89.3FM.  The second audio file contains raw audio from the Truman Library event, including speaker introductions, protests, a medical emergency, and audience Q&A.

Tuesday on Up to Date, we broadcast Steve Kraske's conversation with Secretary Rumsfeld recorded during his recent visit to the Truman Library

Through the lens of hindsight, we review the decisions made by President George W. Bush and those of the Secretary in the days and years following 9-11.  We ask Rumsfeld about the President’s unilateral decision to invade Iraq, his decision to scale down the number of troops, and his thoughts on interrogation techniques.

The 11 a.m. broadcast is an edited version of Friday's program.