"Forever People": Couple from the Future Sends Messages to the Past

This month, new billboards started cropping up in downtown Kansas City, from the Missouri Bank Crossroads artboards on Southwest Boulevard to the Art in the Loop's ArtWall on 13th and Grand. The latest Artwall is designed by multimedia artist, filmmaker, and writer, Ascot Smith.

Kansas City, MO – There's an image of a man and a woman in white lab coats with the words "Forever People" and a phone number. Viewers are encouraged to call in and listen to a series of audio stories set in the future.

Art in the Loop's ARTwall: "Forever People" by Ascot J. Smith
13th and Grand
Downtown Kansas City, Missouri
To listen to "Forever People": call 816-412-1798 then enter the three digit code (111) followed by the pound (#) sign.

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