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Food For The Fourth

Jul 2, 2013

Today, we're talking about common Fourth of July food traditions.
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There are many traditions associated with the Fourth of July: parades, fireworks and food. Just as America is a melting pot of its people, so are the picnics and barbeques we sit down to as we mark our nation’s birth.

On Wednesday's Up to Date, it’s "Food for The Fourth." We’ll ask local chefs Ted Habiger of Room 39 and Jennifer Maloney of Cafe Sebastienne for ideas on bringing the produce now in our gardens to the picnic table, and we'll talk with Patrick Garcia of Dark Horse Distillery about his family's traditions as we look for new twists on traditional favorites and ask you for those unique dishes that represent your heritage here in America.

Check out some not so traditional Fourth of July recipes here. 

Need some new ideas of holiday cocktails? 

Café Sebastienne's Jennifer Maloney shares some summer dishes from the restaurant's kitchen.