Follies Of Foreclosure Fear: Enter Missouri AG | KCUR

Follies Of Foreclosure Fear: Enter Missouri AG

Apr 8, 2009

Kansas City, Mo. – The Missouri Attorney General will try to permanently stop a California operation from selling what purports to be insurance against foreclosures in Kansas City. The business is called U.S. Foreclosure Relief and A.G. Chris Koster says it's nothing but a fraud. Frightened homeowners are approached by phone, told to send in fifteen to eighteen hundred dollars and fear no more. Koster says they get nothing in return, "Now we are in contact with consumers' who have been defrauded, trying to get restitution on their behalf.'Q: What do you think the prospects are of getting any of that from this outfit?' A: It's hard to get money out of a thief. I think everyone sort of intuitively knows that. The first thing that we want to do in this case is to shut this business down.'
A temporary restraining order is in place. A hearing for injunctive relief is expected within two weeks.