First Suspected Case Of Swine Flu In Missouri | KCUR

First Suspected Case Of Swine Flu In Missouri

Apr 29, 2009

Jefferson City, MO – An unidentified resident of Platte County may be the first Missourian to contract swine flu. KWMU's Marshall Griffin reports.

State health officials have sent a virus sample taken from the anonymous patient to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta to verify whether he or she has swine flu.

In the meantime, Governor Jay Nixon says the state will begin distributing its stockpile of influenza drugs: "The first shipment will go to the Platte County health officials, and then we will disburse the rest of these anti-viral drugs out across the Show-Me State."

Nixon says state health officials are working to find out who may have been in contact with the unidentified patient, and his or her family members will also be monitored.