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Financial Advice: Marriage

Jun 25, 2012

First comes love, then comes marriage – but when comes that first conversation about your finances? In this Monday's Central Standard, professional Financial Advisors stop by with advice for advice for newlyweds hoping to create a solid financial foundation to their marriage, and then, what to do if things don't go as planned.

We'll hear what couples should discuss before exchanging vows, and explore how they can share or distribute responsibility for managing household finances. Plus, how to best title your assets, protect inheritance, and deal with beneficiary designations. Joining us in studio is our CA$H MONEY CLIQUE, members of the Financial Planning Association of Greater KC, including Dan Mathews, Stepp & Rothwell, Inc., Alex Petrovic of Petrovic Financial Services, and Sandi Weaver, Financial Security Advisors.

Are you newlyweds just starting out, looking to get some financial advice. Or are you a battle tested husband or wife with advice to impart? Give us a call at 816-235-2888, or send us an e-mail to