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Fending Off Missouri Floods High On KC Wish List

Jan 18, 2013

Kansas City will be asking for federal funding in the area of $42 million for flood control along Missouri river levees and streams that feed the river.

Levees, such as this in St. Joseph, Mo., held the Missouri River at bay on June 30,2011. Kansas City seeks funding to update seven of its levees.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Some of those issues may come before Congress this year. One Missouri Senator says he is ready to listen.

Former Republican U.S. Senator Kit Bond will carry the city’s money requests to Washington as lobbyist.  Current G.O.P. Senator Roy Blunt said he doesn’t know if he will be as effective as Bond was in his Capitol Hill years, bringing funding to Kansas City based projects.

Blunt said he has yet to meet with Bond about fiscal 2014 projects.

Blunt does believe in Missouri River flood risk management and said in an interview, “we ought to be thinking about what we do to use the resources we have that are unique to us. And frankly, the Missouri- Mississippi River system is one of those most-unique resources we ought to make the most of, and let’s see what Kansas City needs to be part of that whole structure.”

Among largest sums Kansas City seeks is $11.5 million for updating the city’s seven levees for safety from flooding. The city’s larger industrial districts are protected by levees.

Blunt did not guarantee a favorable vote on anything Kansas City will request.