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Feds Recognize Kansas Office For Excellence

Nov 27, 2012

A Kansas office that handles Social Security applications is being recognized by the federal government.

The Disability Determination Services office processes Kansas applications for certain Social Security programs. The federal government recognized the Topeka office for being more accurate and more efficient than the national average.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback also thanked workers at the office for their efforts to root out fraud. He says they helped uncover more than 80 fraudulent claims last year, saving taxpayers more than $12 million.

“Everybody wants the people that need to get care and services to get it, but they don’t want people that are gaming the system to get it.  And a lot of times this is kind of hard to dig out and figure out,” says Brownback.

This is the seventh year in a row that the Disability Determination Services office has been recognized for outstanding performance by the federal government.