Federal Jury Convicts All In Hereford House Fire | KCUR

Federal Jury Convicts All In Hereford House Fire

Nov 1, 2012

A federal jury convicted all three defendants in the Hereford House arson trial yesterday.

Vincent Pisciotta, Mark Serentino, and part-owner Rod Anderson were found guilty of multiple counts of arson. Anderson was also found guilty of fraud.

U.S. Attorney David Ketchmark told TV-9 news the a grainy surveillance video was a key factor in the case.

“The work, basically was done to take that video and find evidence that would corroborate and substantiate the information as to the identities of the individuals who were responsible for the fire,” said Ketchmark.

Testimony at the trial suggested that the recording probably survived because Anderson  didn't know that the surveillance system included a decoy recorder  and the real recorder was hidden in a locked supply closet.