Federal Grant Funds Statewide Drug Busts | KCUR

Federal Grant Funds Statewide Drug Busts

KANSAS CITY, MO – Kansas City Police seized over 20 pounds of marijuana and made over 70 arrests in a statewide narcotics bust last week. Police agencies across 38 states carried out similar operations to highlight the importance local narcotics efforts. A major funding source to fight narcotics comes from the federal Byrn Grant. Law enforcement officials worry that congress is going to cut the grant program. Kansas City Police Chief Jim Corwin says the police department relies on the federal funding for its local drug operations.

"This is a very important grant for us to keep this type of activity going and to keep these dangerous drugs and firearms off the street," Corwin said.

Chief Corwin also says the police department would lose four detectives if federal funding were cut.