'Fascist Slide' For US: Ron Paul In KC | KCUR

'Fascist Slide' For US: Ron Paul In KC

Feb 19, 2012

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul told a Kansas City audience of some 1500, the nation is sliding into what he called a “fascist system.”

The Texas congressman spread blame for his estimation of the country’s condition.

Paul said the nation has been diluting individual freedoms for nearly a hundred years and the people duped themselves into letting it happen.

Paul called the nation’s economic decline, everyone’s fault, allowing corrupt institutions to begin leading the country into fascism--“where there’s a combination of government and big business and authoritarian rule and the suppression of the individual rights of each and every American citizen. That is what we have to reverse and get the people to agree with us.”

Paul's audience agreed with wild cheering.

The candidate led a chant to “End the Fed,” attacking the nation’s banking system.  He said when central banks control the money, they always abuse it

Ron Paul only once alluded to the other GOP presidential hopefuls, saying none of the current or former field had called for an adequate budget cut.

Paul spoke at Union Station, only a few hundred feet from the hotel where Missouri Republicans were holding their annual Lincoln Day events. He made no mention of it in his speech.