Facial Hair Enthusiasts Gather For Kansas City Beard & Moustache Competition

Aug 6, 2014

Credit KCBMC

The first disposable safety razor was invented in Boston in 1901, and with it came over a century of clean-shaven American men. But recent years have witnessed a revival of stubbled jaws, mustachioed lips, and bearded cheeks - from Ben Affleck and George Clooney to the 2007 writers' strike and the World Series Red Sox. On today's Up To Date, Steve Kraske looks at the newfound respectability of the beard, how it's become a style icon in its own right, and how facial hair stereotypes are being shorn away.


  • Garland Rankine​ is the vice-president of the Kansas City Beard & Moustache Club, which provides charity and volunteer work in the name of positive facial hair awareness. He also plays Santa every December.
  • Tara Shaw is a stylist with a background in fashion. She's also owner of Calico Beard & Mercantile, a salon and vintage store that provides style products and services for beard-forward men.

Event Info:

  • ​The 2nd Annual City of Fountains Beard & Moustache Competition will take place this Saturday, August 9th at the Uptown Theater. 7pm in the Valentine Room.