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The Eyes Have It

Aug 30, 2012

Eye scanning used to be the stuff of science fiction and spy thrillers but not anymore.

Now iris recognition systems are offered as the latest in security access devices able to provide real-time iris capture, at-a-distance and in motion.  With these type of developments, is the line between our physical and digital identities becoming blurred?

According to Jeff Carter that line is disappearing altogether.  Thursday in a conversation with Up to Date guest host Brian Ellison, the innovator talks extreme identity.  The real question Carter says, is whether these new methods lead to a utopian or dystopian reality.  He believes the answer lies in our ability to balance the need for security with privacy, personal liberties and convenience.

Jeff Carter is Chief Strategist for EyeLock Inc., an iris-based identity management company. He has been researching and predicting the profound impacts to human evolution caused by the convergence of a person’s digital and physical identity. He holds several patents related to information banking and the monetization of personal data for the privacy, control and empowerment of an individual.  Carter is the author of “No Limit: The Texas Hold ’Em Guide to Winning in Business" and co-author of “The Art of War for Cancer.”