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Extreme Couponing

Kansas City, MO –

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'tis the season of shopping. Sunday newspapers are filled with holiday ads, all designed to draw you into their retail establishments and drop your hard-earned cash.

Along with those ads are dense, colorful coupon sections. Some readers toss them straight into the recycle bin; others take time to browse through the ads. After hearing today's show, you may just hold on to those inserts a bit longer.

Brandie Mavrich is a "coupon queen" During a shopping visit to SuperTarget earlier this year with the Kansas City Star, Mavrich's register total read over $260.

Then Mavrich then pulled out her coupons. And, as The Star describes:

Three dollars off. Five. Seven. Her total dropped to $200, then $150. It was like going backward in time, only with money.

The 34-year-old south Kansas City woman was just getting started. The digital readout blinked $125, then went under $100. The register began to smoke, or at least it should have.

Seventy. Sixty. Fifty. Finally, the dumbfounded checker read the total: $32.62.

Steve Kraske talks with Brandie Mavrich about extreme couponing, and shares some tips that all shoppers -- those with time, and those who are short of it - can use to save money.