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Examining Early Childhood Education

Jan 18, 2013

ABC and 123: They’re the basics of early childhood education, but the way kids learn these is up for debate.

In the first half of Tuesday's Up to Date, we’ll talk with Tyler Nottberg, president and CEO of U.S. Engineering, Erin Brower, public policy director at the Partnership for Children, and the Mid-America Regional Council's Jim Caccamo about the latest innovations and debates in early learning and explore why the strength of these programs ties in to developing a strong economy.

Tyler Nottberg is president and CEO of US Engineering.  He is also a principle member of the Alliance for Childhood Education, a group of business men and women who advocate for quality education, including early learning.

Erin Brower is the public policy director at the Partnership for Children.

Jim Caccamo is the director of the Department of Early Learning at the Mid-America Regional Council. He has worked in the Independence School District for 15 years, the Partnership for Children for 8 years, the Kansas Health Foundation for four years, and here at Mid- America Regional Council for the past 9 years.