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Ex Kansas Health Chief Reflects on "Shock" of Firing

Feb 10, 2011

Kansas City, KS – The former Kansas Secretary of Health and Environment who was fired last Fall says he is mystified by it. Rod Bremby thinks it could have been his opposition to coal fired power plants in Western Kansas. He spoke about it publicly today in Kansas City Kansas. His comments were carefully worded.

Bremby advised then- Governor Mark Parkinson against an expanded power plant near Holcomb. He says now there was a powerful amount of lobbying in favor of building it. There were also environmentalists who are still fighting the plant. Bremby said the decision making process was not, in his words, " a benign, pristine, routine, bureaucratic process." He continued, " unfortunately, there were abuses."

Parkinson opted for a compromise. Bremby was fired too, and says he was not told why. Bremby says he was shocked the Governor would not heed his advice.

He will not criticize Parkinson. In Bremby's words, "this affects reputations. It affects reputation of their character and I don't want to malign anyone or pass false judgment of someone."

Bremby maintains the coal fired plant should not have been allowed because it is a potential health hazard.