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Encore Broadcast: The Value Of The Humanities

Dec 30, 2013

Credit Chelsea Gomez / Flickr - CC

*This show originally aired Tuesday, July 2, 2013*

You’ve heard the reports, the politicians, the educators—America needs to invest in science and technology education. To compete, our students will need to know the mechanics of the physical, not to mention digital world.  But what about their spirit? Their heart? Not the how, but the why? On Monday's Central Standard, host Brian Ellison took a  look at the humanities in education. A recent report calls on the government and our schools to invest attention and resources to art, literature, languages and culture. Many say they are the things which give the sciences they’re meaning, and that we need to recover our commitment to them. 


  • Dr. Virginia Blanton, Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at UMKC 
  • Wayne Vaught, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at UMKC
  • Dr. Gerald Early, Professor of Modern Letters at Washington University