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Electricity Infrastructure & Security

Sep 5, 2012

Compared to other areas of the country, Missouri and Kansas have it pretty good when it comes to energy pricing.

As of January of this year the U.S. Energy Administration’s State Electricity Profiles showed the national average retail price per kilowatt hour to be just under 10 cents (9.83).  Missouri was at 7.78 cents and Kansas at 8.35 placing them in the top 18 states with the lowest prices for electricity.

And when was the last time there was a major power outage in this area that wasn’t weather related?  Each state has a series of power plants using various fuel sources to maintain production of those kilowatts and keep the electricity coming through the wires.

So with better than average prices and reliable delivery, things are looking good in the Sunflower and Show-Me states.  But how well will the current system hold up as demand increases and certain fuels are harder to obtain? How do we keep the lights on?

Thursday on Up to Date, guest host Stephen Steigman welcomes Josh Campbell, Executive Director of the Missouri Energy Initiative which works on bringing various sectors of the state’s economy together in collaborative efforts on energy issues and James Ludwig, Executive Vice-President of Public Affairs and Consumer Services for Westar Energy, the largest utility company in Kansas serving 687,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Josh Campbell, executive director of the Missouri Energy Initiative, has more than ten years experience building and managing grassroots campaigns and non-profit organizations. Josh has developed many successful diverse statewide coalitions within the healthcare, environmental, conservation, labor community and social justice communities. Josh has lobbied in Jefferson City on behalf of a variety of clients including a coalition of conservation and environmental groups and as an agent for the State of Missouri. Josh has worked with all levels of state government on a variety of legislative and regulatory issues. Campbell received his B.A from Saint Louis University in Political Science and Communications. Licensed to practice law in the state of Missouri, Josh received his Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

James Ludwig was named Wester Energy executive vice president, public affairs and consumer services in 2007. In 2003, he returned to Westar as vice president, public affairs, and in 2006 assumed responsibility for regulatory affairs, becoming vice president, regulatory and public affairs. He joined Westar Energy in 1989 as an information specialist in corporate communications, becoming director of government affairs in 1989. He was senior director of regulatory affairs from 1995 to 2001. He received bachelor of arts degrees in classical languages and history in 1980 from The University of Kansas. He is a board member of the Wichita Chamber of Commerce, Greater Wichita YMCA and Catholic Charities of Wichita. He is also a member of the the Kansas Council on Economic Education, the Edison Electric Institute's External Affairs Committee.