EBay Says No to Auction For Man Accused Of Killing George Tiller

Oct 28, 2009

Kansas City, MO – EBay has pulled the plug on an auction planned to raise money for the man accused of murdering Dr. George Tiller in Wichita.

A group of virulent anti-abortion activists had planned to auction artifacts of their movement to generate money for Scott Roeder.

Witnesses say Roeder shot and killed Gorge Tiller last spring.

Tiller had performed thousands of late term abortions.

The offerings were to include heroic drawings Roeder signed in jail, prison recipes from a woman convicted wounding Tiller with gunfire years ago and an "Army of God" manual that describes ways to bomb, or otherwise shut down clinics.

Money from the sale was to help Roeder argue in court that Tiller's murder was a "justifiable homicide," that his death would save the lives of countless children yet to be born.

eBay said no. The company has a policy against selling offensive material. Tiller's family had asked eBay to stop the auction.