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DVD Gurus: When Good Directors Go Bad

Apr 18, 2014

For every Million Dollar Baby, there’s a film like The Rookie. Even Steven Spielberg, who climbed the heights of Hollywood with E.T., Indiana Jones and Saving Private Ryan hit the bottom with 1941.

Steven Spielberg fell flat with this 1979 effort, called '1941.'

On Friday's Up to Date, the DVD Gurus return to examine how even a great director can come out with a flop. In their sights are Clint Eastwood, Mike Nichols, John Boorman and other directors who have been silver screen darlings and rotten tomato rejects. We look at films that range from completely bizarre to just plain bad.


  • Mitch Brian, screenwriter and professor at the University of Missouri - Kansas City
  • Jason Heck, freelance film critic and life-long tall person

Reviewed Films:

  • Day of the Dolphin
  • The Keep
  • Zardoz
  • The Rookie
  • Heaven's Gate
  • 1941