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DVD Gurus: Roger Corman Films

Mar 22, 2012

He's made a film in two days.

And some people will say that it shows. Others will proudly defend the low-budget work of B-movie director Roger Corman. He even won an Honorary Academy Award in 2009 for his body of work.

Friday on Up to Date, the DVD Gurus, film professor Mitch Brian and film critic Jason Heck, guide us through the career of Roger Corman, and share their favorite cult-classic Corman films available on video, including those featuring a woman transformed into a giant insect, high school students crazy with rock n’ roll fever, and an artist who finds more than just inspiration from death.

Jason Heck's picks:

Pit and the Pendulum

The Wasp Woman

Rock n Roll High School

Mitch Brian's picks:

A Bucket of Blood


The Trip

DVD Guru Mitch Brian has developed a stage adaption of A Bucket of Blood. It is showing at 8 p.m. March 22-26 and March 29-April 1 at the Living Room, 1818 McGee, Kansas City, MO. Tickets are $18.50 and may be purchased online. For more information call 816.221.4260.

Behind A Bucket of Blood from Mitch Brian on Vimeo.