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DJ Jazzy Jeff Show Ends Abruptly At Power & Light District

Jun 15, 2009

Kansas City, MO – When you hear the name DJ Jazzy Jeff the hit 90's sitcom ,The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air might come to mind. Jeff Townes played Will Smith's friend Jazz, who often got kicked out of the house by Uncle Phil. And now almost 30 years later, just a week ago on Saturday night, Jazzy Jeff says he was kicked out of the Power and Light District.

DJ Jazzy Jeff has since moved on from his acting career. He and Will Smith won the first ever Rap Grammy in 1988 for the song Parents Just Don't Understand. Over the next three decades, Jazzy Jeff has become something of a legend as a hip hop DJ.

But last Saturday night, as he was playing some club hits in Kansas City's Power and Light District, his set was unexpectedly cut short. Jazzy Jeff says the venue managers complained that he was playing hip hop, and about the gestures his rapper MC Skillz was making. Power and Light District officials deny they have any prohibition against hip hop or rap, and say that the problem was that the volume of the music was too loud for the sound system, and that it actually sustained some damage.

The Power and Light District was built by the Baltimore-based Susan B. Wilson got a first hand account from Tim Githumbi, also known as DJ Skeme.

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