Death By Neglect Threatens Missouri Children | KCUR

Death By Neglect Threatens Missouri Children

Oct 21, 2009

Kansas City, Mo. – A disturbing report from a national child-abuse-watchdog group ranks Missouri with an alarmingly high rate for deaths from neglect.

Data indicates five children die every day in the United States from neglect or abuse. Missouri was fifth highest in the nation in those types of deaths in 2007. That's the most recent year the study was compiled.

The analysis comes from "Every Child Matters Educational Fund." Researchers found fifty children in Missouri dead of those suspected causes in '07. It amounts to 3 point five for every one hundred thousand children. Kentucky rated highest at 4.09 per 100,000 children. Professional observers say the data gathering has enough inconsistencies that the actual number of deaths could be fifty percent higher.

The report blamed poor resources and a large number of vulnerable children for a 35 percent rise in those types of deaths since the year 2001.